Beach Guide

Palmanova has three nice beaches very close to each other. The main beach, Playa de Son Maties, is approximately 400 metres long, whereas the two other beaches are slightly smaller.

Family and Children Friendly
All three are white sand beaches and have lovely clear water all through the season. At a short distance from the shore, there is a raft where children can safely jump and slide into the water. This is very popular among the older children.

There are several play areas behind the beaches including safe climbable structures and all three beaches have fully staffed life-guard stations.

All three beaches have family oriented facilities, including sun lounges, sunshades, showers and toilets. All three beaches are also completely wheelchair accessible.

The sea front ‘Passage de la Mar’ connects all three beaches.

Water sports activities
There are many water sports activities across all three beaches but particularly at Cala Blanca. If you want to experience a water activity, you can find all the details at the piers.